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Community Events

We love volunteering at community events!

What We Do

When we bring our Comfort Dog Teams to a community event, we reach out to people who love dogs, talk about our mission, and best of all, raise money for causes on Cape Cod that are near to our hearts. 

Examples of community events that we love to take part in are local Oktoberfests, Christmas Strolls, Bark in the Park, and similar town celebrations.

If you have an upcoming event that we might participate in, please fill in the form below and provide us with the details. 

How It Helps

While we spend time greeting members of the community, we are also raising money for local charities. 100% of funds raised go to the stated charity, and we are proud to collect for wonderful Cape Cod charities such as The Family Pantry of Cape Cod and Cape Kid Meals.

Please tell us about your event!

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